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Famous Firsts
October 1, 2017 to November 26, 2017
Churches can struggle to find their identity. Perhaps that is because we never take the time to find out who the church was at the start so we don't really know who we are as the church today. In this series we are going back to the beginning of the church. We are going stroll through the book of Acts looking at first events in the church's history, and then we are going to ask the important question Do You Know Who You Are?
1. The First Promise Watch Listen Slides
2. The First Encounter Watch Listen Slides
3. The First Miracle Watch Listen Slides
4. The First Ministry NA Listen Slides
5. The First Persecution Watch Listen Slides
6. The First Name Watch Listen Slides
7. The First Missionaries Watch Listen Slides
8. The First Dispute Watch Listen Slides

Seasons of Life
September 3, 2017 to September 24, 2017
Life has seasons and every sesons can help us grow. In the seies we will use the tree as an example of how we can focus our growth through the seasons of life
1. The Season of Winter Watch Listen Slides
2. The Season of Spring Watch Listen Slides
3. The Season of Summer Watch Listen Slides
4. The Season of Autumn Watch Listen Slides

The Hearts God Used
July 9th to August 27th 2017
Scripture says we have trouble knowing our own Heart. The good news is God knows it perfectly. If you are Christian that has ever struggled with feeling your heart is just sometimes not up to living this Christian life then our summer series if for you. When Jesus started his ministry here on earth he chose 12 men. 11 of these men would go on to be the apostles that God used to establish the church. Would it surprise you that these men did not always have a heart for ministry. However, in spite of that that God used them
1. The Divided Heart Watch Listen Slides
2. The Impulsive Heart Watch Listen Slides
3. The Power Hungry & Self Serving Heart Watch Listen Slides
4. The Bringing Heart Watch Listen Slides
5. The Investors Heart NA NA NA
6. The Pragmatic Heart Watch Listen Slides
7. The Unknown Heart Watch Listen Slides

Summer Sermons
June 4th, 18 & 25th and July 2nd
A Collection of sermons preached during the summer months. They include the sermon fron Inside Out, Two Sermons preached by Rich Anderson and a 4th of July Sermon
1. 6/4/2017: The Weight of Sin Watch Listen NA
2. 6/18/2017: All and All Just Another Brick in the Wall Watch Listen NA
3. 6/25/2017: Harmony and Me are Pretty Good Company Watch Listen NA
4. 7/02/2017: Moving Speech Watch Listen Slides
5. 7/30/2017: Sonflower (Kids Church) Watch Listen Slides

Wandering through the 100 Acre Woods
April 23, 2017 to June 11, 2017
Everybody loves Winnie the Pooh. Maybe one reason he is so lovable is all the characters have have flaws and problem. We can relate, not only on a physical and mental level, but on a spiritual one. We are going to use these charactes as a back drop to explore out spiritual life and how we can have a closer walk with God.
1. Stuck in the Honey Pot Watch Listen Slides
2. Nothing to Worry About Watch Listen Slides
3. Down the Rabbit Hole Watch Listen Slides
4. Our Motherly God (Mother's Day) Watch Listen Slides
5. Never Never Satisfied Watch Listen Slides
6. Not Much of a Hope Watch Listen Slides
7. Idle Chatter Watch Listen Slides

Just a Walk Across the Room
March 19, 2017 to April 9, 2017
What if you knew that by simply crossing the room and saying hello to someone, you could change that person’s forever? Just a few steps to make an eternal difference. It has nothing to do with methods and everything to do with taking a genuine interest in another human being. All you need is a heart that’s in tune with the Holy Spirit and a willingness to venture out of your “Circle of Comfort” and into another person’s life. It' time to Just Walk Across the Room
1. The Greatest Gift Watch Listen Slides
2. Live 3D Watch Listen Slides
3. Powerful Story Watch Listen Slides
4. A Grander Vision of Life Watch Listen Slides

A Time to Build
January 1, 2017 to March 12, 2017
We have spent 5 years laying a solid foundation now its "Time to Build". To see just how we are supposed to build we are going to spend 10 weeks following a master builder; Nehemiah.
1. Getting Started with Prayer. Watch Listen Slides
2. Getting Started with a Plan. Watch Listen Slides
3. Getting Started Together. Watch Listen Slides
4. Dealing with Discouragement. Watch Listen Slides
5. Opportunity to Minister. Watch Listen Slides
6. Dealing with Distractions. Watch Listen Slides
7. Building with Discipleship. Watch Listen Slides
8. First Things First: Repent Watch Listen Slides
9. A Promise is a Promise Watch Listen Slides
10. Do the Dance Watch Listen Slides