Parkview Christian Church ~ 333 Churchville Avenue ~ Staunton, VA 24401 ~ (540) 886-5560

Central Indaia Christian Mission is organized by Ajai and Indu Lall. They provide evangelism, church plantings, and leadership trainings to the second largest country in the world, where less than 3 percent of the population follow Jesus Christ. They also operate benevolent ministries to parts of India which still suffers extreme poverty, malnutrition, disease and illiteracy. (Website)

Grundy Mountain Mission School is a non-denominational Christian mission located in Grundy, Virginia. They serve as home, church and school to at-risk youth from around the country and the world, and are dedicated to helping children grow to lead productive, Christ-centered lives that glorify God. (Website)

Mid-Atlantic Christian University Mid-Atlantic Christian University is an undergraduate institution of Christian higher education whose mission is to impact the world by transforming ordinary people into extraordinary Christian leaders. The University is located in historic Elizabeth City, North Carolina. The twenty-acre campus is on the banks of the Pasquotank River. Mid-Atlantic Christian University models its student life philosophy after the life of Jesus Christ (Luke 2:52). Just as Christ grew in wisdom, in stature, and in favor with God and men, the student life staff strives to create and maintain a living and learning environment that will enhance the spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical development of the student body. (Website)

Virginia Evangelizing Friendship is a local organization that supports planting churches, supporting churches, and connecting churches. VEF actively hosts seminars that engage churches on how to improve, grow, and seek out new ways to reach those in need of Jesus. (Website)

The Valley Mission began its work in September 1971 to care for the homeless and hungry in the Staunton area. The anchor of the work is a belief in the power of faith to heal and restore lives. (Website)