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Parkview Christian Church is committed to helping its church members and the surrounding community who may have special circumstances that prevent them from meeting their basic needs. Our church is a place that anyone will find free Biblical guidance concerning God’s Word, and as needed, access to faith-based counseling and possibly financial assistance.

For members and regular attenders in need of finacial assitance we ask that you meet with one of the leaders at the church, share your need and we will do our best to help in anyway we can. However, we understand God's church is bigger than our building and we have a responsibility to our community. Therefore, benevolence funds are also available to those outside of our fellowship. The process of receiving assistance begins with the completion of our benevolence assitance form (Click Here to Download). Please read the instructions carefully and fill out the form completely. Once the form is received it will be assigned to an elder that will meet with you and guide you through the process.

Manna Pack Ministry: Remember the person you passed yesterday? You know the, one standing on the corner holding the cardboard sign that read “hungry anything will help”. Do you remember what you felt? Did you wish you could give them something? As a church body we want to meet the simple needs of people and to see people through the eyes of Jesus. How do you think Jesus sees these people? Loving people begins by seeing the world differently. One way we do this is though a Manna Pack ministry. A Manna Pack is a gallon sized Ziploc bag filled with some basic essentials of life. These packs are available for individuals to keep in their car. Then when you see the need you will have a way to meet it.